【BD工作小貼士】你會容易分心影響工作嗎?教你番茄工作法的5個步驟 Do you get distracted easily and it affects your work? Discover the 5 steps of the Pomodoro Technique

【BD工作小貼士】你會容易分心影響工作嗎?教你番茄工作法的5個步驟 Do you get easily distracted and it affects your work? Discover the 5 steps of the Pomodoro Technique


簡單來說,番茄工作法就是把工作時間劃分為 25 分鐘的專注時間(稱為「番茄鐘」),和5分鐘的休息時間。跟隨以下步驟就能輕鬆提升工作效率:

  1. 訂立要完成的目標/工作項目
  2. 設定25分鐘計時器,並專注於完成工作。
  3. 專注25分鐘後,休息5分鐘。
  4. 重覆步驟1-3四次。
  5. 每完成四個專注時段後,休息一段較長的時間,約 15-30 分鐘。



  • 彈性調整時間:番茄工作法本質上是為了設定專注於工作的時間段,再配合間歇休息以恢復精力。雖然每個「番茄鐘」為 25 分鐘,但這只是大多數人比較適合的時間段。如果這個標準不適合你,你可以根據自己的習慣調整至適合你的方案。
  • 確保「番茄鐘」免受干擾:25分鐘的「番茄鐘」內,一定要專注於完成工作。專注工作時,如果中途有想到其他事情想做,可以先寫在便利貼或紙上,等到休息時間再去做,別讓「番茄鐘」中斷。
  • 充分利用休息時間:休息時間很重要,可以提神且讓頭腦消化剛才 25 分鐘的工作內容,不要做太費心神的活動,更不要繼續想偷偷工作。
  • 使用「番茄鐘」計時器App:Forest是一款受大眾歡迎的「番茄鐘」計時器App。Forest內的每一棵樹象徵你的工作項目。「番茄鐘」期間,樹木會生長。但是,如果你在25分鐘的「番茄鐘」期間退出該App,例如瀏覽社交媒體、玩遊戲或上網,你正種植的樹木就會死掉。


In today's fast-paced world, staying focused and productive can be a challenge. The Pomodoro Technique is a time-management method designed to help you stay on task and accomplish more in less time. 

The Pomodoro Technique involves splitting work tasks into 25-minute intervals, known as pomodoros, with breaks scheduled in between each interval. To implement the technique, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a single task to focus on.
  2. Set a timer for 25-minute and work only on your selected task.
  3. After 25-minute of focusing time, take a 5-minute break.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 four times.
  5. Take a longer 15- to 30-minute break every 4 pomodoro intervals.

A 25-minute Pomodoro session is long enough to get a little work done but not so long that it feels painful or overwhelming. Unlike trying to work without a break for hours, it's relatively easy to stack small sessions on top of each other.


  • Customize the intervals: The Pomodoro Technique is flexible! If the standard 25-minute work sessions or 5-minute breaks are not working for you, you can adjust the timings to suit you better. The idea is essentially to set out chunks of time to focus on work and take breaks in between to relax your mind and refresh yourself.
  • Protect your pomodoro from distractions: Give your full attention to your task during the 25-minute session. If something else comes to mind, jot it down and address it during breaks to avoid interrupting your Pomodoro session.
  • Make the most of your breaks: No sneaky working. . Engage in activities that help you feel refreshed so that you’re ready to get back to work again after the break.
  • Use Pomodoro timer Apps: Forest is a widely used Pomodoro app. In the app, each task is symbolized by a tree that grows as you work on the task during your Porodomo. But if you exit the app during the 25-minute focus sessions to browse social media, play games, or surf the web, your tree will die. 

This method is beneficial for individuals who struggle with distractions or feelings of being overwhelmed. In today's world, where we're constantly bombarded with interruptions at work, this technique is nothing short of a productivity superpower.