【職場新人】六大職場新人NG行為,你犯過幾個? Six Major Mistakes Newcomers Make in the Workplace—Have You Committed Any?

【職場新人】六大職場新人NG行為,你犯過幾個? Six Major Mistakes Newcomers Make in the Workplace—Have You Committed Any?

台灣《Social Lab社群實驗室》2022年透過社群輿情分析工具《OpView社群口碑資料庫》追蹤網友熱議的「職場新人NG行為」相關話題,揭示了職場新人最容易犯下的六大大忌。了解六大扣分舉動,避免在職場中踩到地雷!






A study conducted by Taiwan's "Social Lab" in 2022 utilised the social sentiment analysis tool "OpView" to monitor the prevailing discussion among netizens regarding "newbie mistakes in the workplace." The findings of this study identified six significant taboos commonly committed by new employees. Familiarising yourself with these six actions to avoid will greatly assist you in steering clear of potential pitfalls in your professional environment.

Topping the list is the issue of "disrupting colleagues' workflow," which has been recognized as the most bothersome behaviour exhibited by newbies. We acknowledge that newcomers may not be entirely acquainted with the work processes and that seeking assistance from colleagues is a natural course of action. However, continuously asking the same questions and even interrupting colleagues during their rest breaks can be perceived as self-centred and may result in resentment from your coworkers.

The second item on the list is "shirking responsibilities and displaying laziness," a topic that has garnered widespread discussion among netizens. One user shared their experience with a new colleague who consistently claimed an inability to comprehend or learn, thereby refusing to undertake certain tasks. Furthermore, whenever mistakes occurred, this individual would take leave, leaving others to rectify the situation. Such a lack of accountability undermines the trust of both colleagues and supervisors, creating a negative impression.

The third item is "inattentiveness to speaking volume," a common pitfall for newcomers. In a workplace setting, any noise can adversely impact the productivity of colleagues. It is crucial to exercise control over your speaking volume as an essential aspect of workplace etiquette. Learn to modulate your voice and consider how to communicate clearly while maintaining a lower volume, even during lunch breaks, to avoid disturbing the rest of your coworkers.

Additionally, "carelessness and inattentiveness," "frequent lateness and absences," and a "lack of skills and unwillingness to learn" are also prevalent mistakes made by newcomers. If you find yourself frequently making mistakes due to carelessness, take the initiative to identify and rectify the issue. Being punctual is not only a virtue but also demonstrates respect for others' time. When colleagues or supervisors provide feedback, do not perceive it as nitpicking; instead, graciously accept criticism and strive to enhance your abilities.

To steer clear of these detrimental behaviours, it is crucial to adjust your mindset prior to entering the workplace and continually remind yourself not to commit these mistakes. As a newcomer, your professional skills may still be developing, but by embracing a humble attitude, displaying dedication to your work, and fostering positive relationships with your colleagues, you can achieve success in your professional endeavours.